Welcome to our Environmental Reporting


Ekelund has made major steps towards its environmental goals, and may today own one of the most environmentally friendly textile factories in the entire world. In 2013, Ekelund did take another step in the right direction by offering all visitors full access to all of its environmental work. The same information is normally shared only under strict secrecy to the authorities for environmental certification.

Our goal is to openly inform and inspire, while at the same time we ourselves will increase the requirements for what a corporation needs to share in order to become fully certified and trustworthy.


Since 2016, we're proud to say that our company have recieved the GOTS certification!

Environmental policy

Ekelund, Linneväveriet i Horred AB shall comply with all Swedish law and regulations for its environmental initiatives.

Ekelund environmental initiatives shall prioritize the development of its production facility to become one of the textile factories with the least environmental impact known to man world wide. Ekelund shall manufacture sustainable products as it relates to design, quality and function. The result shall be communicated as to inspire others.

Our green factory

You are welcome to Horred to on their own experience our environmentally friendly factory