Disposal of waste

Ekelund is fully committed to sorting all its waste and discarding it per best environmental practices.
Waste collection – household refuse from employee dining area and public cafeteria.
For incineration – textile scrap, burnable refuse and textile dust.
Plastic recycling – bobbins, plastic wrapping, and packaging material.
Paper recycling – paper, cardboard and shipping boxes.
Hazardous waste material – Ekelund has a license to deliver the following material to the appropriate community authority for appropriate disposal.
Fluorescent light fixtures
Used oil
Cleaning solutions
Metal scrap
Obsolete computers and other electronic equipment


The village of Horred offers a community waste water treatment facility which processes the sewer water so that it safely can be returned into the nature. It is exhausted into the river Viskan which brings it to the ocean. Ekelund uses this facility for its waste water. The Ekelund factory uses toilets which separates the solids from the urine with the thought that the liquid could be used as fertilizer for the nearby fields. As we have discovered that urine contain remnants of medications, this method is not viable and we therefore have to discard the urine to the waste water treatment facility for proper processing.