Organic cotton

Beginning in 2013, we will start using certified ecologically grown cotton in our production. This initiative will contribute to an improved environment as well as a more sustainable society.
Ecologically grown cotton comes from using no chemical herbicide or fertilizer. The cotton growers are continuously inspected by internationally certified control groups such as the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). The certificates issued by IFOAM follow the raw material through all the steps of manufacturing to the final product.
Cotton represent 50% of the fiber used by the entire population of the world. Very large land areas are required to produce this much cotton. Most of the cotton grows in areas where the nature does not by itself provide for all the resources, so that watering, chemical herbicides, and fertilizers are required. 
This does destroy the soil, empties natural water reservoirs, and leaves residues that seeps into the ground water aquifer and other water streams.
Ecologically grown cotton is a requirement for a sustainable society. This will help to ensure access to clean and healthy drinking water without chemicals that are known to impact all living things, including us humans.