Ekelund purchases colored ready-to-use yarn and collects the fiber information, including the country of origin. We only purchase yarn made from renewable fibers. Currently we use only cotton, linen and bamboo viscose yarns.

Cotton – Traditionally grown cotton requires lots of artificially sprinkled watering together with heavy pesticides to grow well. The only worse growth process is how our vegetables are treated.
Ecologically Grown Cotton – Since 1995 Ekelund has produced a smaller collection using ECO friendly cotton. The request for such products has been minimal as the consumer has refrained from paying the additional costs. As time has passed, the cost for organic cotton has come down and it seems more affordable to now start using the organic cotton for all our production.
Linen – Traditionally grown flax for linen fibers does not require additional watering or chemicals. The best climate is offered by the northern part of France and Belgium. Ekelund requires that all of our linen fibers originate from these districts.
Ecologically grown flax – At this time we cannot locate any certified lined supplier. Most of the flax to linen processing has moved to China.
Bamboo Viscose – The viscose fibers can be made from most wood pulp. The process of converting the raw material to yarn has been improved significantly from when it used to be a major ecological problem. The new criterion for ECO friendly viscose is as tight as for organic cotton. Ekelund has had staff visiting China to ensure that their process is fully acceptable and meets the Ekelund environmental expectations.