Spinning facilities are often very large facilities. Lately several of the European facilities have been closed down and the production has been moved to low wage countries.
Spinning entails making a yarn from the grown fiber. The process includes several steps: 
A. The bale opening and the mixing of fibers with the correct length for the yarn quality expected. 
B. Carding and/or combing are the next step of the process, from where the actual spinning starts or at sometimes even a twinning. 
C. Twinning allows two or more thread to be combined (twisted) to form the yarn. In some cases there is twinning oil added to improve the process.
Ekelund purchases its yarn from spinners thru trade representatives. The un-colored yarns used by Ekelund is delivered directly to us. Yarns requiring a color are sent to a dye factory. Lately we are also able to order our yarn directly from the dye factory.
All spinners processing certified organic cotton fibers must themselves be certified to allow full traceability. They also must use oils certified to comply with what a customer requires for their ECO labeling.