The Ekelund facilities contain a total space of 5,892 m2 (63,000 ft2).
The oldest building dates back to 1938 926 m2 (9,970 ft2)

Additions have occurred several times throughout the years such as
1956 424 m2 (4,570 ft2)
1979 322 m2 (3,460 ft2)
1982 143 m2 (1,540 ft2)
1984 234m2 (2,520 ft2)
1985-1990 481m2 (5,175 ft2)
2003 2,800 m2 (30,140 ft2)
All of these additions give us a challenge with varying insulation efficiencies.

Electricity consumption

Ekelund uses 4,810,000 kW of electricity yearly at a cost of SEK 351,000 per year (US $ 54,000/year).
We purchase “green electricity” from solar, wind or water power generation. Our electricity is therefore certified ECO friendly.


Light fixtures

Adequate and correct color lighting in our factory as well as our offices is important to assure our staff’s wellbeing, especially during the long dark winter months in Sweden. Ekelund continuously assures that the best light available is used. In addition, Ekelund uses movement sensitive switches where appropriate in its facility to assure that no light is left on when it is not needed.