More than 90% of all our hemming is done in our two automated machines. 
Between each textile to be hemmed we weave about 15 mm extra fringe to allow the needles of the machine to penetrate the textile so is held straight when it is cut off crosswise.
A conveyor folds in the fabric to make it ready for hemming and transports it past the various stations, including the Ekelund trade mark label with washing instructions and the towel hanger.
All our towels get a textile band sewn in for the purpose of hanging the towel on a hook.


We hem using the chain stitch process, which results in a strong and very elastic seam. The seam ends with an 8 mm (1/4”) protruding open thread end for locking. The majority of this thread end disappears into the fabric after the first consumer wash. The rest can be cut off after washing. 


Almost all of the sewing and tailor industry has moved to low-wage countries. By investing in our own hemming machines, we have managed to retain production in Sweden.
Most sewing and tailoring has moved from Sweden to low income countries. Ekelund’s investment in automated hemming machines allow us to retain our production in Sweden.

Working environment

A seamstress job is one of the jobs that has proven to show the most injuries by having to repeat the same movements over and over again. The neck and shoulders are severely stressed, a problem overcome by our automated hemming machine.