Our system for the documentation of traceability operates as follows
Yarn stock.
When yarn deliveries are made to our facility, a quality receiving inspection and quantity audit is performed. The batch/lot numbers and certificates are noted and filed. The yarn pallet is labeled and placed in our storage facility. When the yarn is removed from storage and used in the production, a new notification is made in our tracking system together with the current date when the yarn was moved into production.
To see a sample of our certificates, please click here
The Warp.
We document in our system all the warp beams we produce including the date made, to which loom the warp beam is used, the yarn lot number and certificate number, and length of the yarn on the warp beam.
The Looms.
We document in our system the date the warp beam is moved into our production. When we generate a production plan we print a date and a time automatically on top of the document for when we will perform that task. 
Batch number.
The batch number we use for our production is the same number we use for the production plan.
Tractability to a yarns Certificate.
1. Based on a batch number we can locate a production task.
2. From the production plan we can determine the date of production and the specific loom used together with the warp beam of the machine that the product was made with and from there to the yarn batch or lot number used.