The local community acting as an oversight organization for all our work has reviewed how we manufacture our textiles and how we handle any controlled environmental substance. This organization have provided us with a protocol from their review of how we manage any controlled our operation. 



The Swedish Government responsible for environmental management and control has delegated its oversight to our local community for oversight. Our local community has given Ekelund a license to produce up to 200,000 kg per year of textiles (440,000 lb/year). Ekelund currently manufacture approximately 80,000 kg per year of textiles (176,000 lb/year). Our license does preclude us from discarding any processing water to the local sewer.



Our local fire department does inspect our facility occasionally to review our own preventive work and readiness in the event of an accidental fire.



Safety consciousness is designed to prevent accidents, and is very important. Ekelund is here being supervised by the Swedish Work Environment Authority (Arbetsmiljöverket). We are held to the standards which regulate workplaces and therefore must employ a local safety officer. The labor unions have regional safety officers to support our local safety officer. The labor union further appoints safety representatives. A safety representative has the right to stop the work in case of danger or hazards. In our environment to systematically improve the workplace, we include regular safety inspections of all workplaces. 



We perform an annual anonymous survey to our entire staff with questions containing both social and physical health questions. The result is communicated internally and provides the basis for improvement. Hearing checks are made regularly for staff who is employed in noisy environments. Financial incentives are paid to staff who participates in physical activities in their spare time.