From childhood, when most of my time was spent fishing and hunting, I experienced my world as forever untouched by anyone. From this experience and knowledge I today reflect over how my family and our company during more than 300 years lived from what this earth have offered us. I have gained an enormous respect for this earth as the source for our lives. With this perspective in mind I am horrified over the negative impact caused by all the industrialization and consumption.

Acidification of our environment, excessive forest harvesting, over-fertilization of our oceans, mountains of garbage, chemical and physical environmental disasters have all occurred in a very short time span of 60 to 80 years. 
This has to change, and we must understand that it may take time. If we can revert to a society balanced with the resources of the earth in a time frame equal to how long it took us to get out-of-balance, then we have done very well.
The Rio Declaration on the Environment and Development in 1992 is a good indication of what has to happen. We all must do our part at all levels. It is the small individual actions which make the total result we need.